The Mythical Voyage

"Mythical Voyage, The Tale Of The White Ponca" originated from a drawing on canvas I made of the Unicorn for my two daughters. My youngest child was but a few months old and my oldest a toddler.

When, based on this drawing, I began telling a story to them, they asked for the Unicorn's name. I named it BIBI (to be pronounced BEEBEE), because it means love. The plot of the story evolved as they grew older, and I created some paintings to illustrate the story (see Chapters 4, 8, 17.)

My two children are adults now, but I did not forget how much they enjoyed Bibi's stories. I decided to put the story down on paper a few years ago. Once again the story grew, this time as a full fledge book, taking on a life of its own.

Thanks to the loving guidance of my editor and my publisher's tenacity, the book evolved further to become a "color-me-please" work of art incorporating forty original drawings (see "book inside illustrations") into the book.

Robin Ymer

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