The Mythical Voyage

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From:: Michelle Jermy

Owner of Clover Hill Book Reviews

Mythical Journey is akin to a fable and folklore tale rolled into one.  The story itself is 155 pages long, with some spacer pages, some pages also have charcoal/pencil illustrations, also by the author, to offer a visual aid.

This story centres on Bibi, a Ponca (otherwise known as a unicorn).  Bibi is different to everyone else, not only a completely different colour than her peers and family, she questions everything, which Ponca’s do not do – Ponca’s accept what is there and live in the present.


Bibi and her father embark on a journey under the guidance of a Wise Ponca, so that Bibi can find her purpose in life.  What follows is a fairly light hearted journey, where Bibi gets to know her father more whilst she becomes closer to her purpose and nature. 


As I side note, I think I got more out of this book as an adult because I’ve recently been reading a lot of positive and inspiring books, so I understood the overall concept because I agree with it (or maybe I just read a lot more into the book than was there?!)  Either way it was a page turner with its gentle manner and storytelling. 


In its own right Mythical Voyage is a lovely upbeat book which evokes folklore and myth along with a fable of truth.  I won’t give the plot away, as I think this is one you should read and discover for yourself :)  Our 10 year old didn’t want to read this with me as he sees himself past unicorns now, but this one will be read with our 6 year old, I’m hoping he’ll like it as much as I did.


Children's Bookwatch, December 2011 

MYTHICAL VOYAGE, THE TALE OF THE WHITE PONCA is a trade-sized paperback fantasy novel for young adults, chronicling the adventures of a white ponca (more colloquially known as a unicorn). Black-and-white line drawings are scattered throughout the story, ideal for readers to color in with coloring pencils. A strong sense of discovery and adventure characterizes this wonderful story told through the eyes of a mythical beast, highly recommended for any child with a love of imaginary creatures and worlds.

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From: Tristi Pinkson
 I recently received a copy of Robin Ymer's new book Mythical Voyage for review. Published by Savant Books, it's part of the "Color Me Please" series, meaning that the interior illustrations are in black and white, allowing the young reader to have a hand in the ultimate appearance of the book.                                                                                                                               
About the book:  we've heard tales of unicorns from the time we were children, and for many of us, they are our favorite part of fairy tales and stories about princes and princesses. In Mythical Voyage, we learn where the unicorn came from and how it ended up in so many of our tales.  My thoughts: I enjoyed the concept of this story, and I liked Bibi's character. She thought and pondered and reasoned things out, never satisfied with the simple answers that placated those around her. She wanted knowledge and she wanted to learn and grow. This desire was necessary in helping her become the unicorn she was destined to become. I did feel that we spent a lot of time in the beginning of the book setting up the story, and that the conclusion was short by comparison. I would have liked to see a little more about her mission in life there at the end. But those who have read stories of unicorns will be able to piece together what happened to her after the end of this book and know how she spent the rest of her days. The drawings were very fun - we enjoyed looking at them. The writing style was very lyrical. I did think in some places it might be a little mature for a young reader, but if they have an adult handy to ask questions, it works. My daughter also read this book, and I've asked her to share her thoughts. She says: "I enjoyed reading Mythical Voyage; it was interesting. However, the ending could have been done quite a bit more smoothly, even if the dream the author says revealed the legend didn’t tell her all of the ending.                                                                          
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I was happy to review this book for the author as my 8 and 13 year old enjoyed the book as much as I did.
Bibi is born white and is very unique to the Poncas. Neither her nor her parents know what is in store for her or what is expected. She makes her way through her journey with humor, sadness and all seriousness.
We liked the book for several reasons, first the wonderful illustrations by Robin. She did a wonderful job. The boys have started coloring the pages. We also liked the adventures with Bibi along the way.
I also liked the social aspects of the story. The boys learned several things and it was easy for them to understand.
The book is great for any age young or old. I will read this book again when my youngest gets a bit older. This is a keeper in our house.
Barbara Hightower.

More than meets the eye
I have always loved Unicorns. I never approved of books portraying them as horses with a horn. What a joy it was to see the front cover of Mythical Voyage. I purchased a book for myself and my grand daughters, 7 and 4. They love it, I am told. The story is classic: A misfit (the white Ponca) grows up to become an exceptional being (the Unicorn).
The story is delightful, full of adventures, descriptions and sensitive drawings of unicorns and other animals.
There is a unique aspect to this book however. Its insightful social and psychological observations appeal to all ages. I certainly enjoyed it.
I recommend this book (I quote) "to all who are or will be adults some day".
Martha G.

I am truly delighted by this book that was both beautifully written and illustrated by Robin Ymer.This book is truly a wonder and pleasure for both children and parents alike. This is a classic tale of a "Ponca" trying to find her place in the world.
There are plenty of plot twists sprinkled with humorous, serious and sad moments to keep the pages turning. Children love the beautifully detailed drawings. Be sure to have a box of crayons on hand for hours of additional fun with this "color-me-please" book. A great gift.

    From: Michael Liddicott, librarian.

I have just had the pleasure of reading "Mythical Voyage" by Robin Ymer.
    While written for children, this book has a depth of meaning that expands with the age of the reader. Themes of separation and pilgrimage are used to highlight the transformative power ideas have on defining oneself and in helping to shape culture. The critical need to question one's view of reality in order to fully integrate the psychological self plays out as the tale unfolds.
   Younger children will delight in the story while older children and adults will derive greater insights.
   Rich illustrations provided by the author accompany the text.
   I enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to others.
   This is truly an enchanting read for children of all ages.

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