Mythical Voyage: The Tale of the White Ponca

 Thank you for this opportunity to introduce this truly unique story inspired by the Unicorn herself.  

The intent of this story  is to re-kindle the noble thoughts that exist in all of us.

  Below are questions I have answered about MYTHICAL VOYAGE.


Q: "I have never heard of a Ponca."
A: "That is because Poncas live in an imaginary world that you will discover in MYTHICAL VOYAGE."

Q: "What is a PONCA?: 
A: "It is a magnificent black animal which sports one horn and so can be called a black unicorn. For a Ponca to be white is not an ordinary occurrence, hence the title of the book, THE TALE OF THE WHITE PONCA. 
Q: "Why write another story about a unicorn?" 
A: "MYTHICAL VOYAGE is not another unicorn adventure. The Poncas are unique creatures from a far away planet with their own culture and habits. They are the reason the White Ponca, commonly known as the Unicorn, appeared on Earth in the Middle Ages.    

Q: "My children are 6 and 11.  Will  the book appeal to both of them?"      
A: "The book is meant to be read to children as young as 5 years of age.  The numerous interior illustrations are meant to be colored so that a young or older child may personalize his or her book  and keep it as an heirloom. This fantasy novel is full of adventures and concepts that challenge the mind of its readers.  
 MYTHICAL VOYAGE, THE TALE OF THE WHITE PONCA enchants readers of all ages." 
The following note is from a young reader:

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